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Cooking is what I was born to do!  I come from a family of excellent cooks.  I have fond memories of  stirring and tasting in my grandmother's kitchen and the enthusiasm of watching and waiting for that amazing aroma to hit the table and then my belly will live with me forever.  While I have spent the majority of my life (over 20 years) in the medical field I have always enjoyed preparing delicious, healthy meals for my friends and family. 


Encouraging my children to reach for their dream and do what they love gave me the inspiration to no longer just settle for my “comfortable” job in the medical field and pursue my passion.   As a proud graduate of the Culinary Business Academy my goal is to provide meals to my clients that convey the love and passion that I grew up around.


Equipped with an engaging and easy-going personality, Chef T deftly handles the menu, shopping, preparation and clean-up while you focus on work or family activities. With services ranging from meal prep service to  family dinner, luncheon or dinner party to private cooking classes let Chef T. help you re-energize the family table – one bite at a time.


"Seeing is deceiving, it's tasting that's believing"