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Cooking Parties

Cooking is an experience that brings people together. It creates lasting and delicious memories.
At My Secret Recipe cooking is fun; it's our passion, and we take pride in preparing dishes from scratch. Utilizing the freshest ingredients ensures the best taste and quality in your meals. Why wait for a special
occasion when you can make any occasion special by hosting an interactive cooking party? Learn a new technique or cuisine and have fun while you are at it. Whether its a private class just for the two of you or a group class, Chef T has you covered. Choose your menu and Chef T will take care of the details helping you craft a memorable experience while making food prep part of the fun. 
What to Expect:​

Personal Chef prepared Custom Lesson Plan
Fresh Ingredients
Demonstration and hands-on instruction (2-10 guests)
Recipe cards w/ section for note taking

**Theme Classes begin at $125 pp (includes groceries)  2 hr
Fundamental Kitchen skills class $60pp  per class:  Enjoy 90 minutes of fun-filled learning (Series of  6 fun-filled learning courses-just arrive ready to learn- all supplied included !)

**In your home, clubhouse or rental 


Choose from Custom Menu Options:
**Fundamental Skills:   A fun, informative class series of six Kitchen Skills:
1.  Knife Skills        2. Pasta Making & The Mother Sauces        3. Baking
4.  Building Flavor    5. Meal Planning            6. Sheet  Pan Meals

 Choose a Theme                                   
Brunch:  barbecue chicken or shrimp over jalap
eno grits, smoothie bowl
Southwest:  Enchilada bowl with mexican coleslaw
On The Bayou:  Pastalaya and creole cabbage
Deep South: Smothered chicken burrito with shallot and garlic green beans
From the Sea:  Pan-seared trout piccata w/ cucumber salad
Tapas: Fresh spring rolls, petite crab cake, honey buffalo meatballs
Vegetarian:   coconut braised chickpea curry w/ jasmine rice and sauteed greens
Fun Food:  Creative flip on the ordinary. Make learning fun with caterpillar caprese, fruit fries, tuna salad boat, pie plating and garnish.


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